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The Importance of a Back to School Eye Exam

Back to School Eye Exam

Put simply, a back to school eye exam can eradicate the concern that vision or eye health could be interfering with the highest academic potential of a child – essentially, it sets them up so that there’s a clear focus on their upcoming school year.

With so many changes having been made in the education system the past couple of years, what with COVID and all, back to school exams should be the one area that remains constant – especially since reliance on digital technology continues to increase and evolve. Indeed, the term “normal” or “new normal” has been tossed around so haphazardly since the COVID-19 closures it’s almost become redundant at this point, but it’s safe to say “normal” isn’t something American schoolchildren have seen since pre-COVID times.

Still, whatever back to school manifests as this year, doctors of optometry are striving to make it look its best.

Let’s be honest: parents and children have enough on their plates without having to worry about undetected vision problems hindering education, which is why regardless of how or how many students attend classes in 2022, optometrists like Dr. Judy Gandara of Quality Family Eye Care will be there to attend to the eye health challenges unique to those settings.

Many academic challenges for school-aged children are linked to a vision difficulty, but an eye exam is unfortunately often overlooked when determining a child’s learning discrepancies. What’s more, a comprehensive eye exam should be one of the first things considered, given that vision is the primary way we bring information into our brains and interpret everything we see, value and consume.

The bottom line is that good vision is downright crucial for learning, especially in children, yet far too often – and we see it all the time – parents settle for vision screenings provided by pediatricians or schools, and kids are none the wiser until they begin to experience setbacks later on down the line. While a simple visual acuity test may yield some indication that something may be wrong, only an in-office comprehensive eye exam performed by a professional eye doctor can accurately divulge and address those issues in a clinically-appropriate manner.

As children progress through the different grades of school, they face increasing demands on their visual abilities. When the development of specific visual skills has not been achieved, or are poorly developed, learning becomes increasingly difficult and stressful. As a result, children may:

• Avoid reading and other near-visual tasks
• Attempt to complete the work at any rate, but with a lowered level of efficiency or even comprehension
• Experience short attention spans, fatigue and overall discomfort
• Demand alternative reading solutions

When it comes to a comprehensive children’s eye exam, no one does it like Quality Family Eye Care. Discover for yourself why we’re often applauded for providing the type of eye exam San Antonio has been waiting for by calling (210) 996-2008.