Retinal Scan

Specialty Testing (Retinal photo and OCT scans)

Retinal Photos
Due to the advancing technology in the optometry field, we are able to take a non-invasive digital picture of the back of the eye and diagnose ocular conditions like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and many other ocular conditions. Two pictures will be taken on each eye, the patient will experience a bright flash on each picture taken. There are no side effects and the doctor will go over the photos with the patient during the eye exam. This a great tool for the doctor to be able to compare side by side your retinal photos and see if there are any changes from the years prior. We recommend all patients to have a retinal photo at their annual eye exam. Some insurance my cover this specialty testing.

OCT Scan
We also offer “Wellness Scans” through optical coherence tomography technology. This scan evaluates deeper into the tissue, revealing cell damage of the optic nerve, subclinical fluid in the macula and many other eye signs difficult to see with the naked eye. This scan is a non-invasive imaging test. This specialty test has been used for patients who have been diagnosed or suspected of an ocular condition. In hope to detect early signs of a progressive eye disease we offer to all our patients to have a wellness scan and give them the choice for a deeper look into their eye health.