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Eye Issues Caused by Winter Conditions and the Effect they Have on Children

Childrens winter eye care

Cold weather and freezing temperatures can be dangerous to our wellbeing if the proper safety measures aren’t taken – and this is somewhat ironic because most people associate higher temperatures and extreme heat with the introduction of horrible health problems. This winter, while you’re likely bundling your children up before they head outside, consider the fact that this isn’t the only precaution you need to take. Many parents don’t realize how harmful the winter weather can be to their kid’s eyes.

In this article, the staff at Quality Family Eye Care will share some of the things to look out for with regard to winter eye issues and kids.

Prevent Dry Eyes

Contrary to popular belief – mainly because when it gets really cold out, most of us experience teary, wet eyes – the dry air of winter can cause the eyes to dry out. When our eyes lose moisture, they become irritated, which can lead to blurry vision and other eye problems. We always recommend using moisturizing eye drops to help your child’s dry eyes, as a few drops of artificial tears can make a huge difference in his or her comfort level. Additionally, we recommend using a humidifier at home; this helps reduce the amount of dryness inside the house.

Use Sunglasses

We should all actually be using sunglasses throughout the year, not just in the summer. And while you might not think that you need sunglasses in the wintertime, we can tell you it’s beneficial for both adults and children. Even if the sun isn’t peeking out from behind clouds on a winter day, this doesn’t mean that the snow isn’t reflecting its UV rays – and these rays can harm your kid’s vision, even leading to problems like cataracts and cornea damage.

Goggles for Outdoor Activities Like Skiing

Before you and your child hit the slopes this winter, be sure he or she has goggles on. A good pair of goggles can prevent unwanted strong winds and debris from attacking the eyes. Also, it’s a good idea to get your child in the habit of wearing goggles when he or she goes outside in general – the more comfortable your child is when wearing goggles, the more likely he or she is to wear them.

Regardless of season, your child should be going to the optometrist at least once a year. This will aid in finding any problems that he or she may be experiencing with regard to vision. Quality Family Eye Care can address these problems as soon as they’re discovered, so be sure to call us today at (210) 996-2008 to schedule an eye exam for children appointment.